Thursday, January 30, 2014

Second Off Shore Trial Run

Well It seemed to be a nice day Jan 9, 2014, a little chopping but we figured that it might be a good day to try Off Shore again.  But after being out for the afternoon the weather report changed so we came back in, this time we came in the ST. Catherine inlet in the dark.
So the next day we started having problems with inverter shutting off, refrigeration units went out, wiring off the back of the panel came off...  It is a bit frustrating having any problems after all the work that was done on this boat. 
Any way we had a foggy anchor and put out extra because we had a thunderstorm and high wind warning coming in.
Well it did come.  We stayed anchored 2 days because of it.
Then we headed for Cumberland Island....  I could live there its
 beautiful.  We anchored and took the dingy to shore for the day.

The pictures will say it all.

Wild horses

Deer that are not scared
Cool trees
Beautiful sunset to a beautiful day.